Personality Profiling with MBTI

Personality profiling is a structured way to analyse individual human behaviour to better understand yourself and others.

It can often be difficult to describe and understand your own personality accurately, let alone that of others. People surprise you, and you surprise yourself with your actions and reactions at times.

We offer personality profiling, using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator tool, either as a stand alone or as part of a wider programme, to enable you to understand your preferences and add clarity to your reactions and behaviours, and your similarities and differences to others.

We also explore the impact of personality on teams, and use profiling to help teams share their individual characteristics in a non-threatening, productive atmosphere. We use the MBTI tool during team building and development activity to uncover team strengths and blind spots.

Our Approach

We use the established frameworks of Carl Jung, in a structured, non-judgemental manner, to help individuals increase their understanding of themselves and others.

We don't just hand over a "code", a box and say "there, that's you". We take time to work with each individual to explore and understand their personality preferences and to examine how these manifest themselves in a working environment.

We identify strengths and discuss how they can best be utilised, whilst also considering those parts of our personality which can hold us back. We can offer insight into people's typical behaviours in a wide range of situations, from how they lead and how they communicate, through to how they react to change and manage stress.

If you think personality profiling might be relevant to either you or other members of your business, please contact us for a chat. We will find out more about the need and agree the next steps with you from there.

What This Looks Like

As a client:

We will discuss and agree the goals and measures of success of the profiling activity.

We will discuss and agree the suitability of one to one and group sessions to ensure the profiling activity delivers greater self-awareness and also business improvement.

As a person being profiled:

You will complete an online questionnaire and then have a 2 hour one to one profiling session with one of our qualified coaches.

This can be followed up by a group session, if a whole team has been profiled individually, to explore the strengths and diversity of the team, to enable you to work more effectively together.

Other Clients We Have Profiled