Leadership and Management

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader" - John Quincy Adams

Strong, thoughtful leadership and inspiring, effective management are essential to any business' success.

Helping leaders and managers understand themselves, their approach, their skills and their actions allows them to inspire others to achieve.

Our Approach

We work with our clients to improve the performance of leaders and managers through focussed and relevant learning and development activity.

We use a blend of learning activities including:
- Skills led training
- One to one and group coaching
- Group facilitation
- Project activities
- 360 Feedback
- Online support

The learning activities chosen for your business will fit with your culture and needs, and will be put together in a programme which reflects the 70:20:10 framework.

What This Looks Like

We start with the end in mind; we work with our client to identify the necessary outcomes of the programme and confirm the areas of skill and behaviour which need to be developed.

We then develop the programme, drawing together the different elements such 360 feedback, group sessions, one to one work and project activity, to build a programme which will engage participants in activity which takes place On, Near and Off the job.

Programmes may include, but not be limited to, sessions on the nature of leadership and management, interpersonal communication, motivation, goals and objectives, delegation and coaching.

We evaluate our work carefully, ensuring that progress towards the outcomes is achieved and participants and client are gaining the full benefit of our involvement.

Case Study – UKTV

The Situation

UKTV is the multi-award winning media company that reaches over 42 million viewers every month. UKTV's eleven imaginative brands - UKTV Play, Dave, Watch, Gold, Alibi, Yesterday, Drama, Really, Home, Eden and Good Food - include the most popular non-PSB channel in the UK and account for 9% of the British commercial TV market.

The Executive Leadership Team at UKTV wanted to introduce a Management Academy to develop the skills of emerging managers within the organisation.

Our Solution

Motion Learning worked with UKTV to create an interactive, practical and action-focused 12 month programme to address all aspects of management, with an engaging variety of elements:

- Twelve monthly half day group sessions, looking at core management skills and knowledge
- Topics covered include communication, motivation, goals and objectives, delegation, time and workload, coaching and influencing
- 360* feedback for participants at the beginning and end of the programme
- Mentoring support
- Online learning and support
- In house sessions on company specific processes and information
- Group team building activities

The Outcome

Now in it's fourth year, the Management Academy continues to draw applications from up and coming managers across the organisation who wish to make the most of the highly engaging development opportunity it provides.

Motion Learning and UKTV review and update the programme each year, adding new elements and excitement.